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POLYBALL follows the tale of a low-fidelity ball on a journey through time and space, life and death, from the plains of our familiar world to the depths of the afterlife.

Combining the simple mechanics of classics like Super Monkey Ball and Marble Madness with the visual styling of low-poly artwork, Polyball is a blend of fast-paced time trials and puzzle platforming. Over the course of the game you travel through different environments, from the inside of a volcano to the depths of space, through an abstract world of light and geometry, all the while striving for the best possible time and score. There are a total of 60 levels, divided up into 6 sectors of 10 levels each.

When we first envisioned POLYBALL we wanted to create a game that took those simple gameplay mechanics and opened them up to modern game design principles in order to appeal to a more mature audience. The level design is initially simple and increasingly punishing, requiring a high degree of mastery in later levels. We’re inspired by the games we know and love, taking different aspects from different ones: the skill curve of games like Dark Souls and Super Meat Boy; the speed and tactility of franchises like Tony Hawk and SSX; and the atmosphere of titles like Limbo and AER.

We took these facets and combined them with one of the simplest and most rewarding mechanics we could think of: physics platforming.

There is a distinct feel to playing an arcade-style game, one of in-the-moment skill rather than long-term planning or commitment. POLYBALL is game you can pick up and play for a few levels, or sit down and complete in marathon mode complete with built-in speedrun timing. We wanted the game to be simple, unadulterated fun, with the difficulty curve that we’ve all come to know and love that has saturated the last few years of releases.


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