Patch time! We were aiming to release this patch last week, but things got pretty crazy and we needed to put a little more work into some stuff (online ball syncing especially).

Multiplayer is still remaining our main focus until we finish v0.3 (which should be next patch). We added a lot of new content for battle mode, did some balancing, and made the old stuff better. It's all still pretty rough feeling, but we're having a great time with it now. There's still a few more things battle mode needs done, then we'll move onto circuit race and get that ready for v0.3.

Nothing else substantial to mention. The abstract sector is being worked on, and will be in v0.4. We tweaked with some default settings and fixed some of the settings buttons.

We'll be trying to get some 8 player games together (for serious this time) just to see how it handles. There hasn't been any optimizations on the network messaging, so the transfer rates will get pretty high (about 5kb/s per player), which might cause some problems.

Anyways, here's the notes:

Single Player

And that's it. There might be missing a couple things due to me being confused about what version we're on.

Thanks for playing!