I spent most of today refining the main menu controls. Everything should be accessible from the controller now (except text fields), and it shouldn't bug out as much. The right stick gained some handy UI functionality! The settings page still needs work, but that's too much of a time funnel right now sorry.

On the multiplayer front there's nothing major we did. Just some fixing and spicing. The balance of battle mode is very unknown at the moment. We'll be very open in balance discussion when things are more solidified. There are some attempted balances in this patch though.

The next patch should be more multiplayer oriented, and should be the last one before v0.3. We have a little surprise v0.3 that should please some people ;). Hopefully we can get some good tests in before releasing that patch (we've still yet to test an 8 player battle or hub).

Main Menu
Story Mode
Online Multiplayer Alpha

Thanks for playing!

Let us know what you think of the changes (when they come)